Where I’m From


Where I’m from not everyone makes it

I’m from Clayton County, south Atlanta

A place where every kid wants to be a rapper or athlete

But it’s really just a big landfill of shattered dreams

I’m from a place where I left and won’t go back


I’m from a place of new beginnings

A place of beauty, serenity and solitude

I’m from a small town in North Georgia

Where Waffle House waitresses know my name

And where the rebel flag still flies high


Where I’m from college football is religion

And every Saturday is dedicated to it

Where I’m from family is everything

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter where I’m from

My personality, who I am, transcends place

I am me. Nobody else. One of a kind.

This is me all summed up in one little poem. I grew up in Clayton County. Sometimes I was the only white kid in classes, and I moved to a small town in north Georgia called Waleska where there might be one black kid in my classes. Although I grew up in south Atlanta most of my life, Waleska is where I think of home.

The master narratives of the places I discussed probably fit the description most people would have of them. Clayton County is crime ridden, poor schools, poor community and is basically the laughing stock of the metro Atlanta area. Waleska is a small country town where everyone knows everyone, rebel flags fly high and guys ride in big jacked up trucks.

Where do I fit in? I am not sure. I do know that both of these places have made me who I am, but I certainly do not fit into a category these two places represent.