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For this assignment, you have to find an item you have an emotional attachment to, take a picture of it and tell the story about it.


When I was fifteen, I told my parents I wanted a record player for Christmas. I was already a music lover and collected CDs, but I decided I wanted to collect records. There is something about the sound of a record that I love. It has that warm crackling sound, and it sounds different than any other format you can listen to music on (I think it sounds better).
    My parents thought I was crazy. They had not even thought about records since the 80s and thought it was pointless for me to get records because they are so dated. Even though they thought I was crazy, they got me the one you see above. I’ll never forget dropping the needle in the groove of a record for the first time. I have been hooked ever since. I go digging for records any chance I get, and I try to find a local record shop if I travel somewhere. I have even sold almost all the CDs I owned, which was about 300, and focus strictly on vinyl.
    I have owned a couple turntables since, but I will never forget my first record player because it all started with that one. I am grateful my parents took a chance in buying it for me because they probably thought I would never use it. It actually needs a new needle now because I have worn it out. The record player would mean nothing to me if I did not have any records though. Here is what I’ve accumulated since I was fifteen.