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This is me. The kid with the sick granny 

Who dreamed I could sit pretty, and I could lift Grammys 

And I was better off rich 

and now I’m older with issues the money can’t fix 

how naïve that I could be

The assignment was to take 5 lines from a song that describes your life and to explain why. So here it is…

These five lines are taken from a song by Has-Lo called Everything Is. They first two lines mean a lot to me. My grandma passed away fourteen months ago, and she was like my second mother. I lived with her, and she was on and off sick since about 2000. For the longest time I was, “The kid with the sick granny, who dreamed I could sit pretty, and I could lift Grammys,” because I was also into music and often fantasized about being some sort of famous musician. I also wanted to be rich (who doesn’t) but as you grow older you realize how naive it is to think money can fix everything.

Here is the song for you to listen to, and hopefully enjoy. I’m posting the remix to it called “Never Was Yours” because I like the beat a little bit better than the original, but it has the same lyrics.