Blog Post #8

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And this is what I had to say.


I honestly could not believe this was a national story, and on CNN for that matter. If the parents are that concerned about wanting their kid to learn how to bake then you could actually teach him, with you know, a real oven. I know, what a mind blowing concept. I guess I got worked up about this because I work retail, and people complain to me all the time about stuff like this as if I have any control over whether an easy bake oven comes in pink and not blue. It is all about sales, and when it comes down to it, the pink is going to sell better because there are more girls that want easy bake ovens than boys. It is that simple! Hasbro is not making a gender statement. Hasbro is a business that has been around for a long time, and they know what will make money and what will not.


Blog post #7: Networking

Rheingold spends chapter 5 of Net Smart detailing how important it is to build a network with people and why these networks matter. As he likes to say, “We have always lived in a world dominated by networks, from our brain cells to social ties,” (Pg. 191). It is crazy to think I could be connected to someone in India because I know people who know people who know people etc, for example. It is the 6 degrees of seperation, which was touched on in the book. The importance of networking is huge because it can determine if you get a job or not. A lot of jobs hire a person because that person knew somebody else. This is the network I came up with for my teaching career.


My network is really small at the moment because I just started taking classes for my major. I think my biggest connection is my dad. He is a teacher as well. He has taught at a few places in Cherokee County and he coached football at my high school. So, my dad has a lot of connections. Plus, he still has a lot of connections in other parts of Georgia. Hopefully as I continue on my journey to becoming a teacher, I will gain more connections and my network will grow.

Where I’m From

Where I’m From


Where I’m from not everyone makes it

I’m from Clayton County, south Atlanta

A place where every kid wants to be a rapper or athlete

But it’s really just a big landfill of shattered dreams

I’m from a place where I left and won’t go back


I’m from a place of new beginnings

A place of beauty, serenity and solitude

I’m from a small town in North Georgia

Where Waffle House waitresses know my name

And where the rebel flag still flies high


Where I’m from college football is religion

And every Saturday is dedicated to it

Where I’m from family is everything

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter where I’m from

My personality, who I am, transcends place

I am me. Nobody else. One of a kind.

This is me all summed up in one little poem. I grew up in Clayton County. Sometimes I was the only white kid in classes, and I moved to a small town in north Georgia called Waleska where there might be one black kid in my classes. Although I grew up in south Atlanta most of my life, Waleska is where I think of home.

The master narratives of the places I discussed probably fit the description most people would have of them. Clayton County is crime ridden, poor schools, poor community and is basically the laughing stock of the metro Atlanta area. Waleska is a small country town where everyone knows everyone, rebel flags fly high and guys ride in big jacked up trucks.

Where do I fit in? I am not sure. I do know that both of these places have made me who I am, but I certainly do not fit into a category these two places represent.


Affinity Space

I did my affinity space project on hip-hop. I filmed myself to show you that I really do live in this affinity space. Hip hop has been something I have been very passionate about for a long time. I would consider myself an expert, or a “hip hop head”. But, you can never stop learning, and I still have much to learn.

The best places to hear the newest hip hop is definitely blogs. Unfortunately radio is not a good source to go to anymore if you want to hear good hip hop. I frequent a few blogs myself and am even a member of an online hip hop community. I did not talk about it in the video, but I have been a member for over four years and feel like I really know some of these people. Hip hop is a beautiful thing that gets a bad reputation, but if you dig deep enough, you will find some great artists and some really good people who share the same passion.



Composing Log for “This I Believe Essay” & DMC Video.

This is the composing log I did for my “This I Believe” essay. If you have kept up with this year’s MLB postseason, then try not to laugh while reading my paper. Video is included as well.

Thinking about doing “I believe in positive role models” for my project. Too many kids look up to athletes or musicians as role models.
I plan on doing it in iMovie
I’m also thinking about doing “I believe in music” because music is my passion.

I decided write my paper on “I believe in the Atlanta Braves”
I wrote my paper and am gathering photos for the presentation. Here is my paper.

     I believe in the Atlanta Braves. I have been a die hard Braves fan my whole life. Even when I was a toddler I could watch an entire game and never once get distracted with something else as most kids that age would. I even used to rent game six of the 1995 World Series on VHS at my library when I was a kid. I was born in 1991, the year the Braves went from worst to first and made it all the way to the World Series.  Was it a coincidence? Yes, but I like to think their World Series had something to do with me.  From 1991 to 2005, the Braves won 14 straight division titles and went to five World Series. It was indeed an incredible run, but out of the five World Series, the Braves only won one of them in 1995.  It was a very bittersweet run.

     It has been hard to be a Braves fan since the run ended in 2005. In 2007 we traded prospects that would later become All-Stars for Mark Teixeira. Mark Teixeira was a great player that we only had for half a season, and then he left us and the Braves received nothing in return. We did not even make the playoffs that year and it took a few years for the Braves to recover from that. Since 2005 they have made the playoffs only once and it was as a wild card team in 2010. They lost to the San Francisco Giants, who went on to win the World Series, but they should have beaten them if it was not for costly errors. Last year the Braves suffered one of the most epic collapses in baseball history. It was a year they were sure to make the playoffs, but the St. Louis Cardinals chased them down on the last game of the year. The Cardinals would also go on to the win the World Series.

     Despite all the trials and tribulations the Braves have gone through the past few years, I believe this is the year we will win it all. We currently lead the wild card, but there is also something else that makes this year very special. It is Chipper Jones’ last year. He has been a Brave his entire career, which is something very rare in this day and age, and he is a sure-fire first ballot hall of famer. He is someone I have grown up watching and am proud to call a Brave. There is nothing more I want then to send him out a World Series champion, and I think we will do it because I believe in the Atlanta Braves.

I gathered some more photos
I recorded my voice for the project. It took so many times because I kept messing up. Never thought it would be that hard to read my essay out loud without slipping up. I also did not like hearing my own voice…..AT ALL.

I did the the project in iMovie. It was very frustrating because my project got deleted as soon as I finished it so I had to redo it.
It ended up taking a lot longer than I thought but I’m glad I got it done.
I chose to put the instrumental of a song Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest of Night) by the CunninLynguists. It has an uplifting vibe which I thought was fitting.
Today I uploaded my video to youtube. Here it is.

I have never kept a composing log before, so this was pretty new to me. I definitely had to start with the essay before I started the actual project. I didn’t mind jotting down what I did each day because it made me realize what needed to be done next, and it kept my thoughts and steps organized.


Tell Me A Story


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For this assignment, you have to find an item you have an emotional attachment to, take a picture of it and tell the story about it.


When I was fifteen, I told my parents I wanted a record player for Christmas. I was already a music lover and collected CDs, but I decided I wanted to collect records. There is something about the sound of a record that I love. It has that warm crackling sound, and it sounds different than any other format you can listen to music on (I think it sounds better).
    My parents thought I was crazy. They had not even thought about records since the 80s and thought it was pointless for me to get records because they are so dated. Even though they thought I was crazy, they got me the one you see above. I’ll never forget dropping the needle in the groove of a record for the first time. I have been hooked ever since. I go digging for records any chance I get, and I try to find a local record shop if I travel somewhere. I have even sold almost all the CDs I owned, which was about 300, and focus strictly on vinyl.
    I have owned a couple turntables since, but I will never forget my first record player because it all started with that one. I am grateful my parents took a chance in buying it for me because they probably thought I would never use it. It actually needs a new needle now because I have worn it out. The record player would mean nothing to me if I did not have any records though. Here is what I’ve accumulated since I was fifteen. 


Chapter 3: Participation Power

     Everyone is a participant when it comes to the internet. It seems like everyone wants to share to the world what he or she is thinking or doing. Social networking and blogging are the platforms to do this. Rhiengold describes blogging as, “…a way to find your voice and public, connect with likeminded communities, improve you digital profile, influence others, and contribute to the commons.” (Pg. 122). Blogging can be great because you can connect with other people that share the same interest as you. I frequent certain blogs for that same reason. I am really into hip hop, but I cannot talk to any of my Facebook friends because none of them share the same passion, so I just go to my favorite hip hop blogs to fill that void and get my fix. Twitter is the same way for me. I do not use Twitter to keep up with high school friends, like I do with Facebook, I use it to follow musicians or any other person that is of any interests to me and also connect with people that share my same interests. My point is, is that everyone uses their social media outlets differently. 

     There are still ways to participate on the internet even you do not like updating your facebook, tweeting or posting new stuff on your blog. Curation is when you “like” a status, “favorite” or “retweet” someones tweet or share someone’s blog link. Curating is basically a way to form friendships by showing other people you care about what they have to say. Whether you are active in posting information or just a curator, you are leaving traces of your interests for everyone to know. In fact, large corporations can track and collect this data and sell it for a profit. Trebor Scholz is quoted in this chapter as saying, “Social participation is the oil of the digital economy.” (Pg. 137). It is pretty scary to think every thing you do on the internet is traced and then used to turn a profit. It is actually really scary. 

Sing My Life


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This is me. The kid with the sick granny 

Who dreamed I could sit pretty, and I could lift Grammys 

And I was better off rich 

and now I’m older with issues the money can’t fix 

how naïve that I could be

The assignment was to take 5 lines from a song that describes your life and to explain why. So here it is…

These five lines are taken from a song by Has-Lo called Everything Is. They first two lines mean a lot to me. My grandma passed away fourteen months ago, and she was like my second mother. I lived with her, and she was on and off sick since about 2000. For the longest time I was, “The kid with the sick granny, who dreamed I could sit pretty, and I could lift Grammys,” because I was also into music and often fantasized about being some sort of famous musician. I also wanted to be rich (who doesn’t) but as you grow older you realize how naive it is to think money can fix everything.

Here is the song for you to listen to, and hopefully enjoy. I’m posting the remix to it called “Never Was Yours” because I like the beat a little bit better than the original, but it has the same lyrics.

The Difficulties of Paying Attention

The first class assignment in English 3241 was to read chapter one from the book, Net Smart. The chapter’s focus is on attention. There is so much technology in these days and times and it makes it harder to focus your attention, but at the same time, everyone thinks they can multitask without impairing their attention to detail. There was research done at the University of Utah that concludes, “…2.4% of the college students in their studies were able to talk on the telephone while operating an automobile driving simulator—without degraded performance.” (Pg. 37).

While reading the chapter we were supposed to take note of how many times we got distracted. I was distracted about ten times by the time I finally finished the first chapter. A couple of the distractions were out of my control. The apartment maintenance man showed up, and I had to stop reading another time because I had to go to work. The other times I got sidetracked while reading had to deal with checking the clock, my phone and the Braves game. I do have a small problem when it comes to paying attention, but it usually only happens if I have a long assignment or a long reading to do. My mind does divert a little bit if I have been reading a while, and taking breaks gives me a well needed rest and clears my head. The book even mentions in the first chapter that taking short breaks from a long assignment is an effective strategy. School work is really the only time where I feel like I need to take a break. I could sit and watch sports and movies all day and never get distracted. I wish it could be the opposite though because school is lot more important than knowing football statistics and movie history.